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Wood Blocks Anyone know where I can get these woodies?

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Let me know if you have them or know someone that has them.
Thank you,


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Hi Arthur and fellow collectors,
I do own "Wooden Lady" aka IWPQ-1. To my knowledge it is the only one. Pix on request. I will sell it on this board for $1500+ $25 insured shipping to US or Canada. If it doesn't sell here by Oct. 9th, I will post it on eBay, starting at $1500.
Thanks and all my best, BarbaraJo
p.s. Contact me directly at :kitten:

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Thank you, but I recently acquired that one.
Does anyone know where I can get: IWPQ32 and IWPQ30

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Hello all. New to the forum but have been a fan and collector for a long time.

There is actually ANOTHER Unknown Lady IWPQ99-1 in circulation. I have had one since the late 90’s. She is obviously very rare indeed. I know of two others and that is it. Almost one of a kind! Not sure if I can part with her but if anyone wants to discuss it we can talk. Thanks.


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