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I have a couple of tiles with small chips...

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I have a couple of tiles that have small chips on them (in the back corners) and was wondering if you had any advice for these?
Do most people just ignore them? Mine aren't really noticeable, so I'm wondering if I should leave them be?

Any suggestions?


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If you ever plan on selling them, then you should have them repaired. And of course, let the buyer know they have been. However, on the hand, if the chips don't bother you, I say leave them alone.

That's my 2 cents worth ... :D
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I have a few that have small chips on the back and there is nothing a black sharpie couldnt fix.I have learned to be careful.I did get one from a friend with big chips on the back that may have to go see Dr. Brian.

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In general the backs tend to get chips........smaller ones usually are ignored.........I have many tiles with chips........LOL.......if I fix them I forget what I did to I leave them......

I do suggest checking with me for how to fix a tile before doing it......using the wrong materials can be worse than having the chip........the sides are about the easiest to touch up and under a $1 to do........Acrylic Raw Umber Paint from your local art supplies store........I use Americana Brand paints for the sides........the backs I use Liquitex Mars Black to touch up.

I highly suggest any repairs made to any tile be disclosed is only fair..........and no damaged tiles should ever be sold as just is wrong.
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Someone mentioned a black sharpie would that work? I am worried it will bleed into the plaster and possibly show up on the sides. The corner of my tile is perfectly intact just the black resin in the corner chipped off.

Any help would be great.


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High Mike I sent you areply to your email.....sharpy works fine for small rubs and it will not bleed tot he sides......most just leave the rubs on the backs as they are not going to denote from the value......backs get tore up on the walls pretty easy.....
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I used a sharpie and it worked great! Thanks again for answering my questions. Finding this website was the best thing that could have happened to my collection. Hopefully I will never need a tile repaired on a larger scale then a chip but at least I now have piece of mind that it can be fixed.

Thanks again

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Welcome to the board Michael....

Another suggestion would be "Mars Black - Flat", which can be purchased at Michaels Art Supply. Just wipe on, wipe off.

As Brian stated, scratches on the back are common on all blocks (unless they were stored in a closet since new - :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ). In my opinion, these types of scratches have no effect on values..


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Yep we never look at the backs........well I do not at least......and should a tile ever break send it my way......I willfix it....I always do.
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