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Heres a question for the good Dr.BZinn

Post Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:03 pm

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I have seen a pix of Ms.Williams collection and I am really wanting to see one of your blanks done up real purdy :lol: Seriously,I cant wait to see them

Post Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:36 pm

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Brain, I too, am anxiously awaiting a close up of one of your blanks! I saw the one in Cindy's pics, on your sofa side table, but I want a closer look! It appears they are very original, and something to desire . . . when we have a mishap with a tile, and nothing can be done to bring it back to its origin. I dread the day this happens (but geing the kluts that I am, I know it will come!), but it makes for a more pleasant thought knowing that I could get ones or your "blanks" out of it! ~~ Jeanne

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Brian thank-you so much for telling your story. I hope I don't sound too deep or heaven forbid philosophical, but I do believe life is a journey. Our journeys are as different as each of us are, but we can share our experience with those we meet along the way. I believe by writing your story you have befriended many individuals and really made a difference in their lives.

I have a question about Guardian(this is for you or anyone who might know), T108. If you look at the tile on the left side of Christ’s body there is crack that begins on the left side and extends down. In your opinion could that be the place where Christ’s side was pierced by the sword according to John 19:34 or is it just where Sid has an age crack in the tile. I have studied the tile and this was a detail I was curious about.

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I have not noticed that......I will take a closer look.....I know Sid is quite deliberate in what he makes and also seems quite deliberate on how he places the cracks in the tiles.....
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