Dr. Brian can be reached via email at siddoctor@comcast.net

He will need pictures of the damaged tile.
Repairs cost $20.00 for regular tiles and $50.00 for transfers.

You also need to send money for shipping back.

"I have rules for repairs to protect future buyers from receiving a tile that has been restored undisclosed.All repairs will be posted via photos before and after.

If tile is being restored prior to sale the sellers ID will be disclosed as well,which has been comman practice of myself for repairs.

Owners of tiles that are repaired agree to disclose any and all damage repaired at time of any future sales.

I am trying not to use a stamp on restored tiles to show they have been restored,as I feel it takes away from the tile,but should I have any future problems with undisclosed repairs I will stamp as I see fit all tiles that come for repair."      -      Brian Zinn




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